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When we talk about air conDitioning services one must mention that highest recorded temperature for Wanaque, New Jersey, in July was about 100 degrees of Fahrenheit or 39 degrees of Celsius, while the lowest recorded temperature was about -11 degrees of Fahrenheit or – 24 degrees of Celsius. In such weather conditions there is nothing like the comfort of properly cooled or heated indoors. To enjoy in your home or business environment you might consider air conditioning service. In our company “Passaic AC” at one place you can get both, your air conditioning equipment and also professional installation of the chosen air conditioner. We make sure that our technicians are highly qualified and licensed, so that any adjustment for home or business environment specific needs can be successfully done. We are located in New Jersey so we make sure that our servIces are always available and you can rely that we will install and maintain the equipment in timely and efficient manner.

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For all your air conditioning repair needs our company can provide quick and efficient response. We guarantee that our technicians are highly experienced and qualified. Some signs that your air conditioner is not functioning as it should include loud, wailing noises; frozen coils; leaking; laCk of airflow; higher energy bills in last month or two and finally not cooling or heating at all. If you have noticed any of these signs call us, and “Passaic AC” will provide you with a skilled repair technicians. We will come to your home or business office and solve the issue with air conditioner in timely and most efficient way. We guarantee that our customers will get quicK repair services for any kind of your air conditioning issues. Do not allow malfunctioning air conditioner to spoil your summer or winter, call us and we will ensure for you the most pleasant indoor temperature experience.

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