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Working in a well air conditioned room can be one of the most envied ambient set-up. It is directly connected to office productivity among employees because they are comfortable and have only one thing to worry about – productivity. At Passaic Air Conditioning Services, as a licensed and insured Air Conditioning Company, we are a one stop Center for your commercial and residential air conditioning needs. We specialize in installation of AC units ranging from smallest Thermal Units to largest available in the market. With the experience gathered from the trail of successful installations done to our satisfied customers we have readily available Centralized AC systems for commercial blocks – prefabricated houses, medium blocks and mega structures – and Split Units ideal for homes. For structures under planning we offer viable equipment estimates to dovetail with specific architectural vision.

AC Installations Repairs & Maintenance 07456 NJ

Like any other electrical machine, Air Conditioners are susceptible to break down. At Passaic Air Conditioning we do air conditioner replacements of blown electrical parts like compressors, fan motors, other control circuitry pieces like capacitors and relays. We have a swift mobile workshop to respond to dire situations like the need for emergency AC repairs i.e. at institutions highly dependent on IT servers sensitive to heat, in case of an AC failure. We emphasize on routine maintenance and service because these are vital ac repair measures, which if ignored, lead to the hidden high cost of energy for running an AC. Imminent costly replacements of broken parts can also be avoided by regular cleaning of condensers and other dynamic parts that work inefficiently when clogged with dust. As an incentive to our valued customers we offer user friendly “To-Do” list of actions an AC owner can perform in case of any eventuality, to avoid grave damage to a machine that could result into abnormal air conditioning repair cost.

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